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The Round of the Walls

Walking through time and space
of a medieval town
Starting at the Town Hall square and walking through time and space to the known and the unknown sides of Chora we will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the birth and the long journey of a medieval town throughout the centuries.
The first settlement of the Monastery workers, the arrival of the byzantine families, the inner and the outer Castle, the arrival of the Cretan families, the interaction between these two communities, the 5 self sufficient mansions, the great houses of merchants and shipowners, the period of the great prosperity. After a short break in a traditional cafe the wandering continues by visiting a historical chapel (St. George Aporthianon with the original iconostasise of the Monastery of St. John  dated to 16th century) and a mansion of  17th century containing its original furniture.
Departure from Town Hall Square
Return to Town Hall Square
Stops: Agia Levia square, chapel and mansion
Time needed: 1h 30min
Best time for the excursion: Early in the morning or late in the afternoon
Length of the route: 2 km
Not without: Hat, bottle of water, sun cream