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The Untouched Northern Territory

The rare forest and the abandoned hermitages
A demanding hiking route through the northern territory of the island, an area that remains untouched by time since the era of St. John. The trail begins at Koumaro (Ano Lampi) and passing through the exceptional arbutus tree forest arrives at a plateau with traditional farming installations. The pathway continues up to the northern slopes of Hondro Vuno offering a splendid view of the small islets of Balamou and the ikarion pelagos (open sea of ikaria), leading finally to the abandoned seaside hermitage of Zaroi (1883) and the paradise beach of Kaladaki. From there a steep pathway with unlimited view leads to Apollou Hermitage (1820). Return through Geranos Dam and the artificial lake to Koumaria (starting point). 
Departure from Koumaria
Arrival in Apollou Hermitage or return to Koumaria
Stops: Kaladaki beach
Time needed: 5hrs (net walking time 3,30hrs)
Best time for the excursion: Early in the morning or late in the afternoon
Length of the route: 7km
Not without: Trekking or athletic shoes, hat, big bottle of water, sun cream.